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Ovani Sound

Apprehension Engine Three Volume Bundle

Apprehension Engine Three Volume Bundle

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Dive into the deepest realms of horror with the ultimate compilation: the Apprehension Engine Three Volume Bundle by Ovani Sound. This collection encapsulates the sinister essence of fear across three volumes—Vol. 1: The Wheel, Vol. 2: Strings & Springs, and Vol. 3: Wood & Metal—each meticulously designed to send shivers down your spine.

Vol. 1 explores the haunting resonance of a hurdy-gurdy-inspired instrument, while Vol. 2 ventures into electric strings and springs, and Vol. 3 delves into meticulously crafted wooden body sounds and metallic resonances along with percussive hits. These packs, integral parts of the nightmare machine—the Apprehension Engine—offer an unparalleled sonic journey into horror.

Key Features:
  • Spine-Chilling Sounds: A total of 821 meticulously crafted samples across three volumes, including chords, experimental sounds, notes, loops, and more, designed to evoke the darkest emotions.

  • Diverse Sound Palette: Explore a wide array of eerie elements, from haunting chords and experimental tones to percussive clacks, metallic scrapes, and unsettling atmospheric loops.

  • High-Quality Audio: All samples are recorded at 96kHz/24bit, ensuring unparalleled audio fidelity and depth in every haunting sound.

  • Metadata Tagging: Each file comes equipped with metadata tags, reducing search time and allowing effortless integration into your projects.

Elevate your horror productions to spine-tingling heights with this comprehensive bundle. Unleash the nightmare, craft the terror, and create a chilling soundscape unlike any other with Ovani Sound's masterfully engineered audio terror.
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