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Apprehension Engine Sample Pack Vol. 1: The Wheel

Apprehension Engine Sample Pack Vol. 1: The Wheel

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Dive into the chilling auditory experience of the Apprehension Engine Sample Pack Vol. 1: The Wheel by Ovani Sound, an integral part of the well-known nightmare machine, the Apprehension Engine. Crafted with precision for horror, this wheel-inspired instrument channels the ghostly essence of a hurdy-gurdy, generating spine-chilling sounds to immerse your projects in a chilling auditory experience.

  • 120 Chords: Immerse your compositions in a haunting tapestry of unnerving chords, meticulously crafted to intensify the atmosphere of dread and suspense.

  • 35 Experimental Sounds: Push the boundaries of sonic fear with avant-garde, experimental sounds, introducing an unpredictable element to your projects.

  • 68 Notes (4 Articulations):
    • Drones: 17 haunting sustained notes create an atmospheric backdrop of lingering fear.
    • Harmonics: 17 eerie, spectral notes pierce through the silence, adding an ethereal layer to your compositions.
    • Plucks: 17 unsettling, sharp notes invoke immediate dread, creating a sense of imminent horror.
    • Scrapes: 17 textured, abrasive notes add a raw, visceral quality to your sonic narratives.

  • 16 Risers: Elevate tension seamlessly with risers perfectly synchronized at 70BPM, intensifying the suspense in your horror compositions.

  • 16 Falls: Descend into darkness with falls that add dramatic impact to your sonic narratives, each fall meticulously aligned with the eerie tempo.

  • 12 Loops: Immerse your projects in a continuous loop of fear with 12 carefully crafted sequences, each boasting varying tempos for dynamic unpredictability.

At a total of 267 sounds, the Apprehension Engine Sample Pack Vol. 1: The Wheel captures the essence of horror in every meticulously designed sample, allowing you to elevate your horror projects with Ovani Sound's masterfully engineered audio terror.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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