1. Is AI used to create the sounds or music?

No. We do not use AI to create any of our sounds or music. We support our team. 

2. Does the license expire?

No. Once you purchase a sound or music pack, you have the license forever. We don't do subscriptions.

3. "What if I get a copyright strike or flag using your music?"

We diligently review every song before release to minimize such occurrences. But if it still happens, we will do everything we can to make it right for you:

  • Direct Communication: We'll reach out to the platform on your behalf to address any copyright claims or disputes.
  • Providing Documentation: If needed, we'll provide you with a letter outlining the situation for you to send directly to the platform.
  • Legal Action: In cases of illegal copyright claims, we'll take action against the party responsible, including issuing warnings of potential legal consequences.

It's important to note that automated systems, like YouTube's Live AI CID algorithm, can sometimes make errors. They might flag songs as similar when they're not, or mistakenly identify samples that weren't used.

4. "Okay... But what if the song is still getting flagged, nothing is working, and the world is on fire?"

In this case, we would send out a replacement for the song absolutely free. And we will do everything we can to fix any damages that were caused.

5. What does "royalty-free" mean?

"Royalty-free" means that once you purchase a license for our content, you can use it without needing to pay additional royalties for each use. 

6. Can content from Ovani Sound be used in Commercial / Paid products?


7. How can I use the content from Ovani Sound?

Upon purchasing a license, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to access and use the audio samples, loops, and plugins available on our platform. This license covers both personal and commercial use, allowing you to incorporate the content into your interactive media, games, films, streaming services, and more.

8. Do I need to credit Ovani Sound for using the content?

While crediting Ovani Sound is not mandatory, it is highly appreciated. If you choose to credit us, simply mention "X by Ovani Sound" in your project. This acknowledgment helps support our community and encourages us to continue providing high-quality content.

9. Can I sell or distribute the content on its own?

No, you are not allowed to distribute, sell, or sublicense the content on its own. The license permits you to use the content as part of your own creative works, such as games or films, but you cannot distribute the content as standalone products.

10. Can I modify the content or incorporate it into my own compositions?

Provided that the resulting work is a new and transformative creation, yes. However, distributing unaltered original content is prohibited.

11. What are the restrictions regarding copyright registration?

While you are permitted to use Ovani Sound's music or sounds in copyrighted productions, you are prohibited from registering these productions in a way that may result in unjust copyright claims against other users. This includes falsely claiming exclusive ownership or rights to the incorporated music or sounds. Users found misusing the content in this manner may face account suspension or termination.