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Casual Bundle

Casual Bundle

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Dive into a realm of relaxed vibes and casual narratives with our Casual Bundle, a delightful fusion of soothing music and charming sound effects crafted for an easygoing experience.

This bundle encapsulates the acoustic charm of Unplugged Music Vol 1 and the melodic sweetness of Unplugged Music Vol 2, accompanied by the subtle, friendly tones of the UI Menus Sound Effects Pack and the playful nuances of the Jingles Sound Effects Pack.
  • UI Menus Sound Effects Pack: Enhance your audio interfaces and interactions with a collection of friendly UI sounds—clicks, scrolls, and selections that add a touch of ease and familiarity to your projects.
  • Jingles Sound Effects Pack: Add a touch of whimsy to your narratives with playful jingles—short, charming sounds that bring cheer and character to your storytelling.

Experience the laid-back charm of our Casual Bundle. This collection of soothing music and delightful sound effects empowers creators to craft enjoyable and relaxed experiences, setting the stage for leisurely storytelling and engaging interactions.
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