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Jingles & Stingers Sound FX Pack

Jingles & Stingers Sound FX Pack

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Introducing the Jingles & Stingers Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound – a medley of sonic delights to amplify your audio branding:

  • 15 Discovery Sounds: Spark curiosity with discovery effects that pique interest and add a sense of wonder to your content.
  • 24 Update Sounds: Keep your audience informed with update effects that announce changes, keeping them engaged and informed.
  • 10 Signal Sounds: Enhance user interactions with a variety of signal effects that provide clear and concise feedback.
  • 31 Positive Sounds: Spread positivity with a range of uplifting effects that convey success, achievement, and good vibes.
  • 27 Negative Sounds: Address challenges with a selection of cautionary effects that indicate errors, prompting user attention.
  • 15 Mysterious Sounds: Add an air of intrigue with mysterious effects that evoke curiosity and anticipation.

Elevate your audio branding with the Jingles & Stingers Sound FX Pack, featuring 122 premium audio samples crafted to enhance your content and captivate your audience.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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