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Comprehensive Music Bundle Vol. 1

Comprehensive Music Bundle Vol. 1

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These songs are very different from your average royalty-free music selection. These are designed specifically for those who want the deepest immersion in their production or game. How is this possible?

With each individual track, you’ll find three different intensity levels, each lasting approximately 90 seconds, along with a 30-second rough cut and a 60-second rough cut. Five different variants per track! With 10 distinct tracks, this diverse selection ensures seamless integration into your projects, providing the perfect musical backdrop.

With the different intensities, you are able to take your player or viewer on a musical journey. You no longer have to worry about changing songs if the intensity changes, let our dynamically designed music speak for itself!

This extensive collection features a wide spectrum of music packs, including Ambient Vol. 1, Ambient Vol. 2, and Ambient Vol. 3, Classical Vol. 1, Chiptune Vol. 1 and Chiptune Vol. 2, Electronic Vol. 1, Electronic Vol. 2, and Electronic Vol. 3, Fantasy Vol. 1 and Fantasy Vol. 2, HipHop Vol. 1, Horror Vol. 1, Horror Vol. 2, and Horror Vol. 3, Japanese Vol. 1, Metal Vol. 1 and Metal Vol. 2, Orchestral Rock Vol. 1, Unplugged Vol. 1 and Unplugged Vol. 2, along with the spine-chilling Demake Horror Vol. 1 and the eerie Sci Fi Horror Vol. 1.

A total of 1150 files from 230 songs! 

From ambient landscapes to pulse-pounding horror, retro chiptune melodies to contemporary electronic beats, orchestral grandeur to genre-blending sounds, this bundle offers an expansive selection of musical compositions to elevate every creative vision.

The Comprehensive Music Bundle Vol. 1 provides a versatile toolkit for creators, empowering them to craft immersive narratives and elevate storytelling across a myriad of themes, emotions, and settings. Immerse your audience in rich, evocative auditory experiences with this comprehensive musical ensemble.

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