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Ovani Sound

Sci Fi Horror Music Pack Vol. 1

Sci Fi Horror Music Pack Vol. 1

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Introducing the Sci Fi Horror Music Pack by Ovani Sound, a premium collection of royalty-free music crafted specifically for your games, films, and other creative projects. Get lost in space where the unknown lurk and no one can hear you scream.

With each individual track, you’ll find three different intensity levels, each lasting approximately 90 seconds, along with a 30-second rough cut and a 60-second rough cut. Five different variants per track! With 10 distinct tracks, this diverse selection ensures seamless integration into your projects, providing the perfect musical backdrop. A total of 50 music files!

With the different intensities, you are able to take your player or viewer on a musical journey. You no longer have to worry about changing songs if the intensity changes, let our dynamically designed music speak for itself!

Furthermore, our tracks offer even more value by seamlessly looping when used with our Music Integration Plugin, providing you with enhanced flexibility for your game development process.



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