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Steampunk Sound FX Pack Vol. 1

Steampunk Sound FX Pack Vol. 1

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Introducing the Steampunk Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound, a captivating collection meticulously crafted to transport your projects into the fantastical world of steam-powered wonders and mechanical marvels.

With a total of 173 finely tuned sound files, this pack encompasses a diverse range of steampunk auditory experiences across various categories:

  • 17 Ambiences and Loops: Set the enchanting tone with immersive ambience tracks, capturing the sounds of bustling steampunk environments and enhancing the atmosphere of your projects.
  • 14 Engine Sounds and Loops: Experience the power and complexity of different steampunk engines, adding depth and authenticity to your audio landscapes.
  • 29 Mechanical Steam Sounds: Dive into the intricate details of steampunk machinery, with the hissing of steam, cogs turning, and mechanisms in motion.
  • 21 Tesla Coil Sounds: Add a touch of the extraordinary with the crackling energy of Tesla coil sounds, enhancing the mystical and fantastical elements in your projects.
  • 36 Ticking and Turning Sounds: Enrich your audio design with the nuanced sounds of ticking clocks, turning gears, and other mechanical wonders, providing a layer of authenticity to your steampunk creations.
  • 28 Tools and Items Sounds: Enhance the realism of your steampunk world with a variety of sounds associated with tools and items, offering a versatile range for your audio storytelling.
  • 7 Vehicle Sounds: Immerse your audience in the steampunk universe with sounds of vintage vehicles, adding a dynamic and nostalgic touch to your projects.
  • 21 Weapon Sounds: Elevate your narratives with an array of steampunk weapon sounds, from clinking gears to powerful blasts, intensifying the action in your projects.

Immerse your audience in the world of steampunk wonders with the Steampunk Sound FX Pack.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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