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Science Fiction Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

Science Fiction Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

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Introducing the Science Fiction Sound FX Pack Vol. 2 by Ovani Sound, an interstellar symphony meticulously crafted to propel your audience into the realms of futuristic wonder and enhance the sci-fi elements of your projects. Immerse your creations in the sonic wonders of the cosmos with this thoughtfully curated collection.

With a total of 185 finely tuned sound files, this pack explores a spectrum of sci-fi auditory experiences across various categories:

  • 12 Ambience Tracks and Loops Sounds: Establish atmospheric landscapes with a selection of ambience tracks and loops, providing the perfect sonic backdrop for your sci-fi environments.
  • 37 Robot Sounds: Bring artificial life to your projects with an array of robot sounds, capturing the mechanical intricacies and futuristic essence of automated beings.
  • 89 Weapon Sounds: Arm your projects with a diverse arsenal of weapon sounds, from laser blasts to futuristic explosions, enhancing the intensity of your sci-fi narratives.
  • 22 Mechanism Sounds: Dive into the intricacies of futuristic machinery with a selection of mechanism sounds, adding depth and complexity to the technological aspects of your projects.
  • 16 Shield and Impact Sounds: Enhance the immersive experience with shield and impact sounds, creating a sense of realism and dynamic energy in your sci-fi scenes.
  • 9 Vehicle Sounds: Propel your audience into the future with an array of vehicle sounds, capturing the futuristic hums and movements of sci-fi transportation.

Immerse your audience in the awe-inspiring universe of Science Fiction Sound FX Pack Vol. 2. Elevate your sci-fi narratives, game sequences, or multimedia projects with the finely crafted soundscapes, meticulously designed for seamless integration into the vast and imaginative worlds of science fiction.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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