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Sci Fi Horror Sound FX Pack

Sci Fi Horror Sound FX Pack

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Unleash the eerie fusion of future and fear with the Sci-Fi Horror Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound – a spine-chilling symphony for your otherworldly nightmares:

  • 18 Machinery Sounds: Immerse yourself in the unsettling hum of extraterrestrial machinery, creating an atmosphere of unknown terror.
  • 94 Voice Sounds: Dive into the depths of sci-fi horror with a multitude of haunting voices, each conveying a different facet of cosmic dread.
  • 8 Ambience Tracks: Set the stage for interstellar nightmares with ambience tracks that blend the cold void of space with unspeakable horror.
  • 32 Environmental Sounds: Infuse your scenes with the sounds of alien worlds and eerie environments, intensifying the cosmic terror.
  • 24 Static Sounds: Amplify the unsettling silence of space with static sounds that hint at the unseen horrors lurking in the void.

Embark on a journey through the unknown with the Sci-Fi Horror Sound FX Pack, featuring 176 premium audio samples meticulously crafted to terrify and captivate your audience.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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