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Monsters & Creatures Sound FX Pack

Monsters & Creatures Sound FX Pack

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Introducing the Monsters & Creatures Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound – a realm of unearthly sounds to bring your creations to life:

  • 63 Undead Vocal Samples: Evoke spine-chilling terror with vocalizations from the realm of the undead, perfect for crafting eerie and haunting atmospheres.

  • 15 Naga Vocal Samples: Summon the mystique of serpent-like creatures with a collection of vocal effects that capture the essence of these enigmatic beings.

  • 77 Humanoid Vocal Samples: Infuse your projects with the sounds of mythical humanoids, adding depth and authenticity to fantastical characters.

  • 18 Eldritch Vocal Samples: Channel cosmic horror with vocalizations that resonate with the unknown, invoking a sense of dread and fascination.

  • 14 Dragon Sounds: Command the majestic roars and snarls of dragons, bringing these legendary creatures to life with these epic sounds.

  • 43 Demonic Vocal Samples: Plunge into the abyss with vocalizations from the depths of darkness, creating a malevolent and foreboding ambiance.

  • 47 Cute Vocal Samples: Scariest of all... Well, not really. These samples are meant for the most relaxed of atmospheres. Or use them to add an unsettling touch.

Explore a world of auditory enchantment with the Monsters & Creatures Sound FX Pack, featuring 277 premium audio samples that redefine the boundaries of imagination.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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