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Simple Magic Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

Simple Magic Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

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Introducing the Simple Magic Sound FX Pack Vol. 2 by Ovani Sound. Unlock the mystical realms with the Simple Magic Sound FX Pack Vol. 2 by Ovani Sound. This meticulously crafted collection brings an enchanting array of sounds, perfect for adding a touch of magic to your cinematic and gaming projects.

With a total of 168 finely tuned sound files, this pack encompasses a diverse range of magical auditory experiences across various categories:

  • 32 Air and Thunder Sounds: Capture the awe-inspiring power of the elements with a variety of air and thunder sounds, perfect for stormy and ethereal scenes.
  • 19 Dark Sounds: Invoke the mysterious and ominous with dark sounds that add depth and intrigue to your magical narratives.
  • 22 Earth Sounds: Ground your projects with the rich, earthy tones that enhance scenes of nature and elemental magic.
  • 23 Fire Sounds: Ignite your scenes with the dynamic and fiery sounds, ideal for spells and magical combat.
  • 21 Light Sounds: Illuminate your projects with light sounds that bring a touch of brilliance and hope to your magical worlds.
  • 22 Nature Sounds: Enrich your scenes with the harmonious sounds of nature, from rustling leaves to serene forest ambiances.
  • 29 Water and Ice Sounds: Dive into the aquatic and frosty realms with water and ice sounds, capturing the essence of these elements in your magical creations.

Elevate your storytelling, game interactions, or multimedia projects with the Simple Magic Sound FX Pack Vol. 2. Each file is meticulously designed for seamless integration into the enchanting and fantastical realms of magic.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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