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Jingles & Stingers Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

Jingles & Stingers Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

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Introducing the Jingles & Stingers Sound FX Pack Vol. 2 by Ovani Sound, a vibrant collection designed to inject energy and character into your projects with a burst of musical accents and sonic highlights. Elevate your content with an array of dynamic elements that leave a lasting auditory impression.

With a total of 150 meticulously crafted sound files, this pack encompasses a diverse range of musical expressions across various categories:

  • 10 Asian Sounds: Infuse cultural richness into your projects with a selection of Asian-inspired jingles and stingers, perfect for adding unique flair.
  • 11 Bells Sounds: Elevate your compositions with the timeless charm of bells, creating resonant and memorable accents that enhance your narrative.
  • 33 Drums and Percussion Sounds: Immerse your audience in rhythmic dynamism with an assortment of drums and percussion, providing impactful transitions and energetic highlights.
  • 10 Horn Sounds: Introduce grandeur and authority with horn-based jingles and stingers, ideal for commanding attention and emphasizing key moments.
  • 20 Keys Sounds: Enrich your compositions with a palette of keyboard sounds, adding melodic depth and variety to your projects.
  • 22 Orchestral Sounds: Create a symphonic impact with orchestral jingles and stingers, delivering a cinematic quality that heightens the dramatic elements in your content.
  • 10 Retro Sounds: Invoke nostalgia and a sense of fun with retro-inspired jingles and stingers, perfect for projects that embrace a vintage aesthetic.
  • 12 Steampunk Sounds: Immerse your projects in a whimsical and mechanical atmosphere with steampunk-themed jingles and stingers, capturing the essence of fantastical worlds.
  • 16 Synth Sounds: Embrace futuristic vibes with synth-based jingles and stingers, perfect for modern and sci-fi projects that demand a cutting-edge sound.
  • 6 Misc Sounds: Explore an assortment of miscellaneous jingles and stingers, providing versatile options to enhance various aspects of your projects.

Add a touch of sonic magic to your projects with Jingles & Stingers Sound FX Pack Vol. 2. Elevate your storytelling, branding, or multimedia experiences with finely crafted soundscapes, meticulously designed for seamless integration into your creative endeavors.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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