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Horror & Suspense Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

Horror & Suspense Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

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Unveiling the Horror & Suspense Sound FX Pack Vol. 2 by Ovani Sound, a chilling symphony crafted to plunge your audience into the depths of fear and anticipation. Immerse your projects in a spine-tingling auditory experience, designed to send shivers down the bravest of spines.

With a total of 161 meticulously crafted sound files, this pack offers a diverse range of haunting elements across various categories:

  • 20 Atmospheres and Loops: Set the mood with eerie atmospheres and loops, creating a haunting backdrop that intensifies the suspense in your projects.
  • 57 Impacts, Risers, and Whooshes: Elevate tension seamlessly with a plethora of impactful sounds—risers, whooshes, and spine-chilling impacts that heighten the anticipation in your horror compositions.
  • 22 Musical Sounds: Infuse a haunting melody into your projects with a collection of musical sounds, each designed to evoke an unsettling ambiance.
  • 14 Static and Noise Sounds: Add a layer of disquiet with static and noise sounds, creating an unsettling texture that lingers in the background of your narratives.
  • 30 Voice Samples: Haunt your projects with an array of voice samples, each carefully crafted to send shivers down the listener's spine.
  • 18 Whispers and Ghost Sounds: Embrace the spectral with whispers and ghostly sounds, perfect for conjuring an ethereal presence in your horror and suspense projects.

Immerse your audience in the realm of nightmares with Horror & Suspense Sound FX Pack Vol. 2. Elevate your horror narratives, game sequences, or multimedia projects with the spectral essence of finely crafted soundscapes, meticulously designed for seamless integration into your spine-chilling creations.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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