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Horror Bundle

Horror Bundle

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Plunge into the abyss of spine-tingling terror with our Horror Bundle, an all-encompassing collection that immerses you in the darkest depths of audio horror.

This bundle unites the chilling compositions of Horror Music Vol 1 and Vol 2 with the bone-chilling sounds of the Horror and Suspense Sound Effects Pack and the unearthly vocal samples from the Fearsome Creatures Sound Effects Pack.
  • Horror Music Vol 1 & Vol 2: Indulge in haunting melodies and hair-raising compositions that will send shivers down your spine, creating an eerie atmosphere perfect for horror-themed projects.
  • Horror and Suspense Sound Effects Pack: Engulf your creations in a cacophony of chilling sounds, from tension-inducing drones and eerie atmospheric effects to jumpscares and bone-chilling impacts that heighten the suspense.
  • Fearsome Creatures Sound Effects Pack: Infuse your projects with an otherworldly presence using a diverse array of vocal samples featuring monstrous growls, ghostly whispers, and spine-chilling screams, bringing terrifying creatures to life.

Unleash the horror and suspense in your projects with our Horror Bundle. This compilation of sinister audio assets is tailored to instill fear and unease, providing you with the tools to craft chilling experiences that will haunt your audience long after they've finished playing or watching. Harness the power of fear and terrorize your audience with this spine-chilling bundle.
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