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Hollywood Action Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

Hollywood Action Sound FX Pack Vol. 2

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Introducing Hollywood Action Sound FX Pack Vol. 2 by Ovani Sound – a powerhouse collection meticulously designed to enhance the auditory intensity of your cinematic projects. Elevate your action scenes with this thoughtfully curated pack, offering an arsenal of high-quality sound effects to captivate your audience.

With a total of 193 meticulously crafted sound files, Hollywood Action Sound FX Pack Vol. 2 amplifies the impact of your scenes across various categories:

  • 27 Voice Samples: Immerse your audience in the dramatic dialogues and vocal expressions that intensify the storytelling in your action-packed narratives.
  • 66 Weapon Sounds: Elevate the realism of combat scenes with an extensive array of weapon sounds, capturing the firepower and dynamics of armed conflicts.
  • 54 Environmental Sounds: Enrich your scenes with detailed environmental sounds, from immersive cityscapes to intense natural settings, creating a vivid backdrop for your action sequences.
  • 23 Destruction Sounds: Heighten the tension with a diverse range of destruction sounds, capturing the chaotic aftermath of intense action and explosive events.
  • 12 Ambience Tracks: Set the tone and atmosphere with a collection of immersive ambience tracks, seamlessly integrating with the visuals to enhance the overall cinematic experience.
  • 11 Misc Sounds: Add versatility to your projects with miscellaneous sounds that provide nuanced details, enriching the overall auditory landscape.

Experience the next level of cinematic audio with Hollywood Action Sound FX Pack Vol. 2. This collection is a powerful toolkit for filmmakers, game developers, and sound designers, meticulously engineered to bring unparalleled intensity to your action sequences.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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