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Heavy Vehicles Sound FX Pack

Heavy Vehicles Sound FX Pack

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Get ready to hit the road with the Heavy Vehicles Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound. This meticulously crafted collection provides a diverse range of high-quality sounds inspired by heavy vehicles, perfect for adding depth and realism to your projects.

With a total of 174 finely tuned sound files, this pack covers a wide spectrum of heavy vehicle-related auditory experiences:

  • 12 Vehicle Mechanism Sounds: Immerse your audience in the intricate workings of heavy vehicle mechanisms with detailed sound effects.
  • 9 Diesel Engine Sounds: Feel the power of diesel engines with authentic engine sound effects, perfect for industrial scenes.
  • 27 Beeps and Buttons: Control the action with a variety of button and control panel sound effects, perfect for dashboard scenes.
  • 13 Tank Sounds: Experience the rumble of tanks with dynamic tank sound effects, perfect for military scenes.
  • 43 Tractor Sounds: Transport your audience to the farm with authentic tractor sound effects, perfect for agricultural scenes.
  • 33 Trail Sounds: Feel the thrill of off-road adventures with a variety of trail-related sound effects.
  • 19 Truck Sounds: Hit the highway with realistic truck sound effects, perfect for transportation scenes.
  • 18 Misc Sounds: Explore additional heavy vehicle-related sounds for added versatility.

Elevate your projects with the Heavy Vehicles Sound FX Pack. Each sound is meticulously designed for seamless integration, ensuring an immersive auditory experience that brings the world of heavy vehicles to life.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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