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Ovani Sound

Godot Footsteps Plugin

Godot Footsteps Plugin

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This plugin comes loaded with most of the samples from our Foley: Footsteps Sound FX Pack.

Immerse your players in a world of realistic soundscapes with the Ovani Sound Godot Footsteps Plugin. Say goodbye to the complexities of integrating footsteps into your game – our plugin simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on the finer details of game development. Easily incorporate footsteps on different surfaces, switch between barefoot or shoe, and depict movement styles, all through our intuitive user interface.

This plugin comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive library of high-quality samples, ensuring that every step resonates authentically in your game environment. Whether it's the crunch of snow underfoot or the subtle padding of shoes on a wooden floor, our plugin provides the auditory richness your game deserves.

With seamless integration and a range of customization options, you can effortlessly enhance the immersive experience for players. Step into the future of game audio with the Ovani Sound Godot Footsteps Plugin – where every step tells a story.

This plugin includes a video startup tutorial!

Requires Godot 4.1.1+

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