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Foley: Sports Sound FX Pack

Foley: Sports Sound FX Pack

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Immerse your audience in the dynamic world of sports with the Foley: Sports Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound. This meticulously crafted collection provides a diverse range of high-quality sounds tailored for various sporting activities, perfect for enhancing the realism and excitement of your projects.

With a total of 202 finely tuned sound files, this pack covers a wide spectrum of sports-related auditory experiences:

  • 20 Baseball/Cricket Sounds: Capture the essence of the diamond with detailed baseball and cricket sound effects.
  • 10 Basketball Sounds: Bring the court to life with authentic basketball sound effects, perfect for dribbles and swishes.
  • 30 Boxing Sounds: Add intensity to your boxing matches with a variety of impactful boxing sound effects.
  • 14 Buzzers and Boards Sounds: Enhance the atmosphere of sports arenas with buzzer and scoreboard sound effects.
  • 14 Football (American)/Rugby Sounds: Immerse your audience in the gridiron or on the pitch with football and rugby sound effects.
  • 12 Golf Sounds: Transport your audience to the green with realistic golf sound effects, including swings and putts.
  • 24 Hockey Sounds: Feel the thrill of the ice with dynamic hockey sound effects, including slap shots and body checks.
  • 14 Pool/Billiard Sounds: Set the mood for a game of pool with authentic billiard sound effects, including cue strikes and ball impacts.
  • 16 Skateboard Sounds: Capture the adrenaline of skateboarding with a variety of skateboard sound effects, including flips and grinds.
  • 21 Soccer Sounds: Bring the excitement of the pitch to life with soccer sound effects, including kicks and crowd cheers.
  • 15 Tennis Sounds: Serve up realism with authentic tennis sound effects, including racket hits and ball bounces.
  • 12 Whistle Sounds: Control the action with a variety of whistle sound effects, perfect for referees and coaches.

Elevate your sports-themed projects with the Foley: Sports Sound FX Pack. Each sound is meticulously designed for seamless integration, ensuring an immersive auditory experience for your audience.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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