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Foley: Props Sound FX Pack

Foley: Props Sound FX Pack

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Bring your scenes to life with the Foley: Props Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound. This meticulously crafted collection provides a diverse range of high-quality sounds for various props and everyday items, perfect for adding depth and realism to your projects.

With a total of 280 finely tuned sound files, this pack covers a wide spectrum of prop-related auditory experiences:

  • 15 Arty Item Sounds: Enhance artistic scenes with a variety of sounds related to artistic tools and materials.
  • 24 Camera and Cable Sounds: Capture the essence of photography and videography with authentic camera and cable sound effects.
  • 39 Container and Key Sounds: Add realism to scenes involving containers and keys with a variety of sound effects.
  • 38 Craft Work Sounds: Immerse your audience in the world of crafting and DIY with detailed craft work sound effects.
  • 14 Instrument Handling Sounds: Bring musical scenes to life with sounds related to handling musical instruments.
  • 48 Kitchen Sounds: Transport your audience to the heart of the home with a variety of kitchen-related sound effects.
  • 12 Lab Sounds: Create a laboratory atmosphere with authentic lab sound effects, perfect for scientific scenes.
  • 38 Office Sounds: Set the stage for office scenes with a variety of office-related sound effects.
  • 22 Pen and Pencil Sounds: Enhance writing and drawing scenes with authentic pen and pencil sound effects.
  • 30 Tool Sounds: Add authenticity to scenes involving tools and construction with a variety of tool sound effects.

Elevate your projects with the Foley: Props Sound FX Pack. Each sound is meticulously designed for seamless integration, ensuring an immersive auditory experience that enhances the realism of your scenes.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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