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Environmental Ambiences Sound FX Pack Vol. 1

Environmental Ambiences Sound FX Pack Vol. 1

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Introducing Environmental Ambiences Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound – a comprehensive collection meticulously designed to enrich your projects with immersive environmental textures. Elevate your audio landscapes with an array of high-quality ambience tracks capturing the essence of diverse settings.

  • 12 Indoor Public Place Ambience Tracks: Immerse your audience in the vibrant atmospheres of indoor public spaces, from bustling cafes to echoing halls, adding authenticity to your scenes.
  • 10 Indoor Rain and Water Ambience Tracks: Create a soothing and realistic backdrop with indoor rain and water sounds, perfect for scenes set in cozy interiors during rainy weather.
  • 27 Roomtone Tracks: Enhance the realism of your scenes with roomtone tracks, providing a subtle and nuanced background that captures the essence of different indoor environments.
  • 6 Outdoor Countryside Ambience Tracks: Transport your audience to serene countryside settings with these ambient tracks, capturing the sounds of wind, birds, and rustling leaves.
  • 18 Outdoor Nature Ambience Tracks: Enrich your projects with the diverse sounds of nature, from the gentle rustling of trees to the symphony of birdsong, creating a vivid outdoor atmosphere.
  • 17 Outdoor Urban Ambience Tracks: Bring urban scenes to life with ambient tracks featuring city sounds, distant traffic, and the unique auditory tapestry of an urban environment.

With a total of 90 meticulously crafted sound files, immerse your projects in the world of Environmental Ambiences Sound FX Pack. This versatile collection is a valuable resource for filmmakers, game developers, and sound designers seeking to create captivating and authentic environmental audio experiences.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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