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Ovani Sound

Environmental Ambience Unity Plugin

Environmental Ambience Unity Plugin

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Immerse your players in a world of dynamic and adaptive soundscapes with the Ovani Sound Unity Audio Ambience Plugin. Say goodbye to the complexities of integrating ambient sounds into your game – our plugin simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on the finer details of game development. Easily create specific loopable audio ambience zones (main boxes) where sounds begin automatically upon player entry, complete with variable settings such as fade time and mixer adjustments.

This plugin also allows for the creation of sub-zones (sub-boxes) within each main box, enabling you to dynamically alter the ambience. Apply high-frequency filters, adjust volume levels, or add additional ambient layers as players move through your game world. For example, seamlessly transition from outdoor sounds to indoor environments, while still maintaining the immersive outdoor audio based on your sub-box settings.

With seamless integration and a range of customization options, you can effortlessly enhance the immersive experience for players. Step into the future of game audio with the Ovani Sound Unity Audio Ambience Plugin – where every environment tells a story.

This plugin includes a video startup tutorial!

Requires Unity 2021.3+

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