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Cyberpunk Sound FX Pack Vol. 1

Cyberpunk Sound FX Pack Vol. 1

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Introducing the Cyberpunk Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound, an immersive collection meticulously crafted to transport your projects into the futuristic, neon-soaked streets of cybernetic wonders. Immerse your audience in the rich auditory experience of cyberpunk ambiance, robotic entities, futuristic weaponry, and intricate machinery with this thoughtfully curated collection.

With a total of 185 finely tuned sound files, this pack encompasses a diverse range of cyberpunk auditory experiences across various categories:

  • 12 Ambience Tracks and Loops: Set the futuristic tone with immersive ambience tracks, capturing the sounds of bustling cyberpunk cityscapes and enhancing the atmosphere of your projects.
  • 37 Robot Sounds: Bring your projects to life with the mechanical nuances of cybernetic entities, from subtle whirrs to complex movements.
  • 89 Weapon Sounds: Elevate your narratives with an array of futuristic weaponry sounds, from laser blasts to high-tech gunshots.
  • 22 Mechanism Sounds: Dive into the intricate details of cyberpunk machinery, adding depth and realism to your futuristic audio landscapes.
  • 16 Shield and Impact Sounds: Enhance your cybernetic battles with dynamic shield and impact sounds, intensifying the action in your projects.
  • 9 Vehicle Sounds: Capture the essence of cyberpunk transportation, from futuristic vehicle engines to high-tech vehicle movements.

Immerse your audience in the technological wonders of cyberpunk with the Cyberpunk Sound FX Pack. Elevate your cybernetic narratives, gaming experiences, or multimedia projects with finely crafted soundscapes, meticulously designed for seamless integration into the futuristic and immersive world of cyberpunk.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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