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Ovani Sound

Computers & Machinery Sound FX Pack

Computers & Machinery Sound FX Pack

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Introducing the Computers & Machinery Sound FX Pack by Ovani Sound – a symphony of mechanical and digital artistry to enhance your technological projects:

  • 12 Computer Sounds: Dive into the digital realm with a selection of computer effects that capture the essence of modern technology.
  • 47 Metallic Sounds: Explore the world of industry with an array of metallic effects, adding a touch of mechanical authenticity.
  • 25 Sci-Fi Machinery Sounds: Venture into the future with a spectrum of sci-fi machinery effects, creating immersive high-tech atmospheres.
  • 22 Steampunk Machinery Sounds: Journey into an alternate past-future with steampunk machinery effects, fusing Victorian elegance with mechanical power.
  • 20 Button and Switch Sounds: Engage users with tactile interaction using a variety of button and switch effects, enhancing user interfaces and control panels.
  • 22 General Machinery Sounds: Elevate your projects with a range of versatile hardware sounds, perfect for a variety of settings.

Embark on an auditory journey with the Computers & Machinery Sound FX Pack, featuring 148 premium audio samples that infuse a sense of innovation and mechanical wonder into your creations.


Each file is loaded with metadata tags to reduce time searching for sounds.

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