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Unleash the full potential of your creative projects with our Humble Bundle: Multiverse of Music Encore Sale by Ovani Sound! For a limited time, you can get this incredible collection at a massive 95% discount. This bundle includes a diverse array of music packs and plugins, perfect for any genre or style you need. Dive into each pack with our designated sound players and experience the high-quality tracks we have to offer.

With each individual song, you’ll find three different intensity levels, each lasting approximately 90 seconds, along with a 30-second rough cut and a 60-second rough cut. Five different variants per song! With 10 distinct songs per pack, this diverse selection ensures seamless integration into your projects, providing the perfect musical backdrop.

A total of 500 audio files in this bundle! 

Included in the Bundle:


Ambient Music Pack Vol 1

Create expansive and immersive soundscapes with ambient drones and synths. 

Chiptune Music Pack Vol 1

Bring a bit of retro charm to your projects with classic chiptune tracks.

Classical Music Pack Vol 1

Elevate your scenes with timeless classical compositions.

Electronic Music Pack Vol 1

Infuse your work with high-energy electronic beats and rhythms.

Fantasy Music Pack Vol 1

Transport your audience to magical realms with enchanting fantasy music.

Horror Music Pack Vol 1

Build tension and fear with spine-chilling horror soundtracks.

Japanese Music Pack Vol 1

Immerse your audience in the serene and dynamic sounds of traditional Japanese music.

Metal Music Pack Vol 1

Add intensity and power with heavy metal riffs and anthems.

Orchestral Rock Music Pack Vol 1

Fuse the grandeur of orchestral music with the edge of rock.

Unplugged Music Pack Vol 1

Enjoy the raw and authentic sound of acoustic instruments.

Unreal, Unity, and Godot Music Plugins

Integrate our music into your Unreal Engine projects for seamless looping and dynamic intensity control! 


 Don't miss out on this incredible offer! With this bundle, you get everything you need to score your games, films, and creative projects at a fraction of the cost. Grab the Humble Bundle: Multiverse of Music Encore Sale now and elevate your work to new heights!

$650 $19.99